Best 3 AI Essay Writing Tools For Students

Choose the best AI writer tool for you as a student.

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Best 3 AI Essay Writing Tools For Students

In recent years, the use of AI writing tools has significantly increased among students. These tools use artificial intelligence algorithms to assist users in improving their writing skills, correcting grammar and spelling errors, and generating content.

For students, these tools are particularly beneficial as they can help save time and improve the overall quality of their writing assignments. Today, we will be discussing the best AI writing tools that are suitable for students.

Tool 1: PenPilot AI

PenPilot AI

PenPilot AI is one of the most impressive AI essay-writing tools. It offers a range of features, including AI Text Completion, a Built-In Plagiarism checker, auto in-text citations and references, and speech-to-text.

Why we picked it?

We picked PenPilot AI as one of the best AI writing tools for students because it offers a comprehensive set of features that can greatly assist them in their writing process. The AI Text Completion feature can help generate ideas and improve the flow of their writing, while the Built-In Plagiarism checker ensures that their work is original. The auto in-text citations and references feature also saves students time and effort in formatting their papers correctly. Additionally, the speech-to-text feature can be helpful for students who struggle with typing or have accessibility needs.

How to use it?

To use PenPilot AI, students can simply create an account and start writing their essays or papers on the platform. They can also upload existing documents for the AI Text Completion features to work on.


PenPilot AI offers a free version with limited AI usage, as well as paid plans starting at $20 per month for unlimited AI usage and additional features such as ask assistant, chat with PDF, and AI knowledge base.

Tool 2: JotBot


JotBot is another popular AI writing tool that is perfect for students. It helps users generate ideas, outline their writing, find sources, take notes, and generate drafts.

Why we picked it?

We picked JotBot as one of the best AI writing tools for students because it offers a comprehensive set of features that can assist students in all stages of the writing process. Its AI technology can help students generate ideas and organize their thoughts, making it easier to write high-quality papers.

How to use it?

To use JotBot, students simply need to sign up for an account and then input their writing prompt or topic. Then the tool will suggest an outline based on the prompt and provide sources for further research. Students can also use JotBot to take notes from videos or live classes, and then use AI to analyze and summarize the information.


Similar to PenPilot AI, JotBot offers a free trial for students, as well as a paid subscription option for unlimited credits. The monthly subscription is $20, while the annual subscription is $168.

Tool 3: Jenni AI


Jenni AI is an AI-powered writing tool designed specifically for academic writing. It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to assist students in writing research papers, essays, and other academic assignments.

Why we picked it?

We picked Jenni AI for its focus on academic writing and its advanced features specifically tailored for students. It offers a unique combination of grammar and plagiarism checking, as well as research and citation assistance. This makes it a great tool for students who need help with both the writing process and academic integrity.

How to use it?

To use Jenni AI, students can simply upload their documents or type directly into the platform. The AI will then analyze the text and provide suggestions for the next sentence, as well as grammar and citation recommendations. Students can also use the cite feature to find relevant sources and easily insert citations into their work. Jenni AI also offers a plagiarism checker, allowing students to ensure their work is original.


Jenni AI offers a free plan with limited AI usage and a premium plan for $20 per month. The premium plan includes unlimited AI usage, and other AI features such as Ask Jenni.


In conclusion, PenPilot AI, JotBot, and Jenni AI are the top AI writing tools suitable for students. Each tool offers unique features and benefits.

The good thing about all of these is that they offer a free plan so students can try them out to see if they meet their needs before committing to a paid plan.

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