Name That Color

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Color Picker


Absolute Zero



RGBA:rgba(0, 72, 186, 1)

HSLA:hsla(217, 100%, 36%, 1)

CMYK:cmyk(100%, 61%, 0%, 27%)

HSVA:hsva(217, 100%, 73%, 1)

Name That Color

Why is this tool useful?

If you come across a color code and you want to know the name of the color by HEX, RGB, HSLA, CMYK or HSVA code.

Also, This tool will output all of the color codes for your color.

How this tool works?

This tool works by taking the input color code and search for the closest match using an algorithm that searches in the color names list found via wikipedia.

About this tool

Name That Color is a free tool to find color names by HEX, RGB, HSLA, CMYK and HSVA codes.